Daewoong Jo,Ph.D.

Dear Sir/Madam,..

Please allow me to introduce Cellivery Therapeutics, Incorporated (referred to as the “Company” or “Cellivery” henceforth). The mission of Cellivery is to become a leading protein-based drug discovery company within the biotechnology industry, developing therapeutics capable of entering cells through proprietary Therapeuticmolecule Systemic Delivery Technology (TSDT). A well-rounded management team and active advisory board members are uniquely suited, through technical and industry experiences, to fulfill the Company’s mission to commercialize life-saving therapeutics and cultivate revenue-generating partnerships with companies in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.

The plasma membrane normally acts as an impermeable barrier, preventing proteins and other macromolecules from entering cells. However, Cellivery’s proprietary TSDT allows functionally active macromolecules to rapidly traverse cellular membranes. The process utilizes specialized hydrophobic cell-penetrating peptides (CPPs), termed Macromolecule Transduction Domains (MTDs) that can be engineered into peptides, whole proteins, DNA fragments, and other bioactive substances such as drugs. With additional subcellular trafficking signals, transduced macromolecules can be guided to specific cellular locations, providing an effective way to influence intracellular protein function.

Previously, recombinant cell-permeable (CP-) proteins fused to MTDs to deliver therapeutically active cargo proteins into live cells were developed, but due to their low solubility and yield, the fusion proteins expressed in bacterial system were difficult to purify in soluble form. To address the crucial weakness for further clinical development of the CP-Proteins as protein-based biotherapeutics, tremendously enhanced form of the hydrophobic CPP, named advanced MTD (aMTD), was developed through critical factor-based peptide analysis. In Cellivery, we have demonstrated that TSDT enabled by the novel aMTDs could provide novel protein therapies against cancer and other lethal diseases.

The valuation of the company, as with most companies in this market, will be based on the value of its intellectual property, ongoing partnerships, and pipelines, rather than on current revenues. The scientific expertise and core competencies of the company will allow Cellivery to become the world’s foremost biotechnology company devoted to the creation and use of cell-permeable protein therapeutics.

TSDT is a platform technology with many applications in biomedical research fields. In particular, TSDT provides a method to identify and validate potential therapeutic targets, and to deliver protein-based drugs into live cells and animals. To maximize the value of the company’s intellectual property, the company will out-license specific technologies.

Cellivery will also use its core transduction technology to build novel protein-based drug discovery platforms that rapidly identify functional protein interactions. These platform developmental expenses will be defrayed, in some cases, by establishing long-term corporate research and development alliances. Such alliances will generate near-term recurring revenue for the company.

Cellivery’s therapeutic drug candidates are being developed for the prevention of life-threatening lethal diseases, including various cancer. The company’s subsequent drug discovery programs will focus on other diseases, in which the transient suppression of either symptoms or etiology would produce long-term benefits, that are both cost-effective and associated with a high quality of life.

Cellivery's long-term goal is to continue to increase the value of shareholders by building revenue-generating partnerships, establishing a strong intellectual properties and drug portfolios, and creating proprietary biological information. Our goal is to have an initial public offering after the development phase or within 3 years, depending on markets.

In conclusion, I believe TSDT has considerable promise and Cellivery will be able to enhance and extend TSDT and move the technology from conceptual to therapeutic reality.

I hope my comments have been useful to you in understanding the company’s goals and values.


Daewoong Jo, Ph.D.

Founder & CEO
Cellivery Therapeutics, Inc.
Seoul, Republic of Korea