• Therapeutics, Inc.

Company History
Cellivery Therapeutics Inc, was founded by Dr. Daewoong Jo, President and CEO in March of 2014. Its earliest notions have been prepared, however, when Dr. Jo began to study for his doctoral thesis at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, USA in 1997.

Dr. Daewoong Jo is a long-time expert of the cutting-edge technology-based biotech industry who has experienced more than 18 years as scientist, professor and businessman in US and Korea. He contributed to multiple numbers of protein-based new drug discovery by using TSDT platform he mastered for innovative new drug development. His extensive knowledge and experience in TSDT platform, its application to various fields of biomedical sciences and businesses make him and his colleagues excellent resource for the Company as we prepare to advance our mission into pivotal drug development.

Company History


  • √  Grant Support from Michael J. Fox Foundation Core Funding Programs (Grant ID: MJFF14241)
  • √  Grant Support from Small and Medium Business Administration (Global Star Venture R&D Project, Project ID: S2516999)
  • √  Grant Support from Small and Medium Business Administration (Cooperation Equipment Application Plan, Project ID: C0486076)
  • √  Began Preclinical/Clinical Trials of Anti-Parkinson's Disease Agent
  • √  CDA/MTA/FSA Executed with one of the Top 20 Global Big Pharma
  • √  CDA/MTA/FSA Executed with one of the Major Global Distributor
  • √  10th Equity Investment


  • √  Commercialization of Research Reagents (iCP-Cre & iCP-RFs)
  • √  Grant Support from Small and Medium Business Administration
  • √  Grant Support from Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
  • √  9th Equity Investment
  • √  Collaboration Agreement with Ildong Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.
  • √  Agreement on Collaboration for Research Reagent Commercialization with Daejung Chemicals & Metals Co., Ltd.


  • √  6~8th Equity Investment
  • √  Research & Business Partnering with Vanderbilt University
  • √  Dr. Earl Ruley Joined as Company's Science & Business Advisor
  • √  Grant Support from Small and Medium Business Administration
  • √  13 Patent Applications: TSDT Platform & Protein-Based Biotherapeutics (Anti-Cancer Agent, Anti-Neurodegenerative Disease Agent, Pro-Osteogenetic Agent, Anti-Obesity Agent) and Research Reagents (iCP-Cre & iCP-RFs)


  • √  4~5th Equity Investment
  • √  Headquater Relocated in Seoul
  • √  4 Patent Application in TSDT & 3 Drug Candidates
  • √  R&D Fund Support from Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning
  • √  1st ~ 3rd Equity Investment
  • √  Cellivery Therapeutics, Inc. Founded in Busan, Korea
  • √  Published Papers about Stem Cell Therapy and Parkinson's Disease in Scientific Reprots and
        PLoS ONE


  • √  Published papers about Cancer Therapy in Clinical Cancer Research and Biomaterials


  • √  Published a paper about Cancer Therapy in Molecular Therapy


  • √  Published about Protein Replacement Therapy in Cancer Research
  • √  Dr. Jo took sabbatical leave at Vanderbilt Univ & collaborated with El-Rifai group


  • √  Dr. Jo came back to Korea to take professorship at Chonnam National University Medical School
  • √  The first TSDT-based bioventure company founded by Dr. Jo


  • Company History Published a paper about First TSDT-applied protein-based biotherapeutic candidate in Nature Medicine


  • Company History Dr. Jo published the first paper about in vivo working-TSDT in Nature Biotechnology


  • √  Cellivery founder began to study about TSDT at Vanderbilt University