• Therapeutics, Inc.

Business Overview


The mission of Cellivery is to become a leading protein-based drug discovery/development company in the biotechnology industry, developing biotherapeutics capable of entering cells in vivo through proprietary Therapeuticmolecule Systemic Delivery Technology (TSDT).

The mission of Cellivery is also to commercialize life-saving therapeutics and cultivate revenue generating partnerships with companies in biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industry around world.


Business Model

The mission of Cellivery is to become the world’s foremost biotechnology company devoted to the creation and use of cell-permeable protein-based therapeutics. The scientific expertise and core competencies of Cellivery will be developed accordingly.

Drug discovery operations will include novel functional proteomics/genomics approaches, in which cell-permeable protein libraries will be screened for proteins with specific biochemical and biological activities in living cells and animals.

Cellivery will also develop some competency in conventional small molecule, antibody, and vaccine drug discovery and development. Thus, while TSDT provides a powerful method to identify and validate potential therapeutic targets, some of these targets may be regulated more effectively with conventional drug molecules.

Final drug development will be conducted together with partners who can provide necessary marketing and distribution channels.


Currently, Cellivery appears to be the only company devoted to the therapeutic development and use of TSDT. Many pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are expected to use TSDT as part of their drug discovery programs. We believe that Cellivery’s unique TSDT platform positions the company to be at the forefront of this emerging technology.


Cellivery’s therapeutic drug candidates are being developed for the prevention of life-threatening diseases, including cancer, inflammation, metabolic diseases, neurodegenerative diseases. Long-term survival can be achieved through transient protection from an otherwise lethal response. Effective therapies for these indications are expected to generate revenues.


While drug discovery is a risky business, we believe that Cellivery represents an outstanding investment opportunity, because:

  • Business is novel, and exploits proprietary technologies.
  • The platform technology is expected to attract investment and collaboration by scientific partners.
  • Revenues from partnerships, from technology licensing and from the sale of reagents will provide additional capital for building the company during the startup and establishment phases.
  • The platform technology is in relatively early stage of its development, thus increasing the likelihood of discoveries made by Cellivery’s scientists. This will increase the intellectual property value of the company.
  • The company is currently developing therapeutic leads in important markets for which no current therapies exist.